“Över det naturliga och under det förstådda” infamously known as “The Malewitch Project” – Part 2 at Malmö Konsthall: Shit – Soil and the potentials of an Artist-run Gallery


Date: 14/08/2013

Time: 18:00

Place: Malmö Konsthall in Transmission/Generator Project and Embassy Gallery space.

“Över det naturliga under det förstådda infamously known as The Malewitch Project”

Part 2 at Malmö Konsthall: Shit – Soil and the potentials of an Artist-run Gallery

aka. The Impossibility of Phenomenology, A Labor of Love/Labor of Hate, Compost Logic – Breaking Down (our?) Break-downs, Nutrients for the Soil of the Garden of Potential, Rejected Immaterials.

Shit – Soil is a ritual and a conversation about shit / energy and agony / synergy. The ritual will be an embodiment of all the shit and hate essential for producing an art space and perhaps also the preconditions for any production. It is a mess that will connect us –  a reflection on a labor of love/hate, soil/shit. The point of the ritual is to dwell on a kind of forgotten and rejected waste product and how it is within this crappy existence that organisms can start to grow.

The ritual will be a schizophrenic therapy session where it will be unclear who takes the patient’s role. It will includes all the shit that one has to hide away or try to clean up in order to appear more powerful – shit that is impossible to get rid of and washes up on our minds and body in spite of everything.

The event will be followed with a conversation in the garden addressing the potential of shit and compost together with gardener and writer André Strömqvist.

The event will last for approximately an hour.

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Malmö Konsthall


[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Svenska:
“Över det naturliga under det förstådda infamously known as The Malewitch Project” är ett avsnitt av Jens Strandberg och Bernd Krauß som tar sin utgångspunkt från häxprocesserna i Torsåker i Väster Norrland på 1600-talet. “Över det naturliga och under det förstådda” på Malmö Konsthall är i två delar. Del 1: “Litha installationen (längsta dagen på året)” består av ett växande material som direkt manar till kärlek, välstånd, fruktsamhet och hälsa. Förhoppningen med installationen är att intensifiera magin i konsthallen, stärka våra visioner, kompostera skepticism och negativ energi till brukbar jord samt skapa en bas för del 2: “Shit- Soil” den 14 augusti. Del 2: “Shit and soil” är en ritual och samtal kring skit och energi — dödsångest och synergi — samt naturens svarta magi.[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]English:
“Över det naturliga under det förstådda infamously known as The Malewitch Project” is an episode by Jens Strandberg and Bernd Krauß that proceeds from the witch trials in Torsåker in Väster Norrland during the 1600s hundreds. “Över det naturliga under det förstådda” at Malmö Konsthall is in two parts. Part 1: “Litha installation (the longest day of the year)” litterally consists of a growing material of potential, aiming to provoke love, prosperity, fertility and health. Hopefully the installation will intensifies the magic in the konsthall, strengthen the visions, compost the skepticism and negative energy, turn that into usable soil and create a base for part 2 on Aug. 14. Part 2: “Shit and soil” is a ritual and talk about shit and energy – agony and synergy – and the black magic of nature.[/wpcol_1half_end]




deadline is on November 20th.
Are you into dance, choreography, art, movement, body, conceptual stuff, practices and/or politics but have not written your history? This is you chance! The Swedish Dance History is your history not told by some frowsty historian, well, actually if you are one come too! It is the history told by you! So don’t hesitate, unsettle the dust and join the NYC editorial team on Tuesday afternoon for some mind bending history writing.
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Stina Nyberg, Jens Strandberg, Moriah Evans, Helena Stenkvist